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Final Mascot Vote!

The Hurley School District Rebranding Committee completed the voting process today with a survey being offered to all 555 students and 81 staff members.  There were 3 names on the survey and the results are displayed below.  We wanted to make the winning selection public to give time for conversations to happen within our community before the presentation to the school board. 
There are two steps that will follow.  First, the student representatives from the committee will present the winning selection to the school board looking for approval at the June 17th regular school board meeting.  Once approved, a notice would go out to the community requesting drawings or sketches depicting ideas that would go along with the chosen mascot name.  The time period for this part would allow submissions for two weeks.  All submissions would be either emailed to District Administrator Kevin Genisot or mailed to the district office.   The same rebranding committee would then be solely responsible for selecting the winning drawing/sketch as long as we obtained advanced board approval on June 17th.  
We will continue to inform the public by using our Hurley School Homepage.   A notification alert will go out to all community members registered with the school system and we will notify all local radio stations and both local newspapers.   The Duluth and Rhinelander news stations will also be notified.  This would ensure the invitation would reach all community members.  
Final Mascot Survey Results 6-5-19