• Some helpful keyboard shortcuts from copy and caste to creating a new document!

  • Command + A = Command All, selects everything in a list or on the document.

    Command + P = Command Print, opens the print tab of your document.

    Command + C = Command Copy, copies the item you have selected.

    Command + V = Command Paste, pastes the previously copied item.

    Command + B = Command Bold, makes the selected text bold

    Command + Arrow Keys = Command Move, moves your curser to the end of the document depending on which arrow key you press. 

    Command + Shift = Range Select, selects everything between two items that you click.

    Command + N = Command New, creates a new document.

    Command + F = Command Find, opens the tab for you to search for a specific word in your document.

    Command + Z = Command Undo, undoes the last change you made to your document. 

    Command + M = Command Minimize, minimizes your current window.

    Command + X = Command Copy and Cut, copies the selected item while cutting it at the same time.

    Command + Shift + 4 = Selected Screenshot, opens a curser for you to drag across your screen, creating a screenshot which will later appear on your Desktop.

    Command + Shift + 3 = Screenshot, screenshots your entire screen at the time and will appear on your desktop.

    Command + Shift + Q = Command Quit, logs you out of your computer.