• The Mission of the Hurley Education Foundation is to solicit, hold, manage, invest and expend endowment funds, gifts, grants and bequests exclusively for the enhancement of education in the Hurley School district. No gift is too small. Financial support is welcome from alumni, friends and supporters of the Hurley School District through their tax-deductible donations, gifts or bequests. The Hurley Education Foundation was established in 1999 by alumni, friends and supporters of the Hurley School District. The Hurley Education Foundation, Inc. is a nonstock, nonprofit corporation without members, organized under Chapter 181 of the Wisconsin State Statutes. It's purpose is charitable and educational under section 501(C)3 of the IRS Codes. The foundation is governed by volunteer Board of Trustees, which operates independently from the Hurley School Board of Directors.

    Primary Funding Areas

    The Hurley Education Foundation, Inc. will provide financial support to those programs and creative projects that are not typically funded in the operating budget of the Hurley School District.

    Enrichment Programs

    Support and promote off-campus projects and programs that offer educational opportunities to students or teachers.

    Professional Recognition

    Recognize and reward outstanding achievements by students or teachers.


    Encourage, support, and promote projects and programs designed to promote or utilize most modern technologies in teaching and learning.

    Bond Community to School

    Encourage, support, and promote programs and projects, which foster interaction of community, businesses, organizations, agencies, and individuals with students and educators.

    The Vision

    The Vision of the Hurley Education Foundation, Inc. is to provide financial resources that will insist in making the Hurley School District a model of creative and academic excellence with community pride in its achievements.

    The Purpose

    The purpose of the Hurley Education Foundation is to encourage and support innovative education programs and creative projects by providing financial assistance or alternative resources. Support of enhanced and enriched education results in furthering the creative and academic excellence among students of the Hurley School District. Another aim of the Foundation is to encourage community participation while recognizing accomplishments of the students and teachers of the Hurley School District.

    The Hurley School Campus and District

    The Hurley School Campus is set back on 40 acres in the township of Kimball. A 140,000 square foot, one level building was erected in 1991, housing nearly 800 children from Early Childhood (age 4) through Grade 12. The District serves residents in a 468 square mile area. Including the cities of Hurley and Montreal, and the Towns of Anderson, Carey, Gurney, Kimball, Knight, Oma and Saxon.


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